DAY 21

First real walk outside with the dog. She is so calm and sweet.

DAY 20

Wow. Day 20. Business as usual. I wake up, I make coffe and start to work on my computer. Maybe…

DAY 19

I’m exhausted. The last week was busy. Who would have thought that „distance learning“ can be so exhausting.

DAY 18

Maybe we should adopt a dog.

DAY 17

Walking through the wood is healing. Let’s make a little surprise for granny and leave it on her doorstep.

DAY 16

I kinda like staying home.

DAY 15

Life is easy. Life is beautiful.

DAY 14

University is getting used to the new situation it seems. A lot of work. The first skype business meetings.

DAY 13

Grocery shopping. I’m waiting in the car in the parking lot solving a crossword puzzle.

DAY 12

Sunday, or Monday, or any day. I won’t care. I’ll draw patterns on a large piece of paper. Gift-wrapping paper…