Sudden dreams of a cozy bed and silence

Waking up feeling exhausted. Why’s that? Finally noticing that the legs have been hurting for so long I forgot the pain was the reason for my current situation. Getting up. Blood rushing into my legs. Vein expansion. Sudden drop. Sudden pain. Sudden falling.
Falling. Losing balance. Hands trying to grab a little thing to hold on to. But too weak. Sudden weakness. Falling like forever. Hitting the ground. Bouncing back. Hard floor.

Sudden pain.

Sudden weakness.

Sudden drop.

Sudden exhaustion.

Sudden noises.

Sudden panic.

Sudden touches.

Sudden sickness.

Sudden headache.

No strength to move. No strength to say a word. No strength to open the eyes. No strength to think anymore.

Sudden pain.

Sudden touches.

Sudden lifting.

Sudden change of underground.

Sudden dreams of a cozy bed and silence.

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